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Evacuation Plan

SPS Engineers Pty Ltd will be able to help you do your emergency evacuation plans (evacuation diagram) with great ease and timely delivery We even cater for urgent orders.Along with Fire Protection Service, we also specialize in Emergency Evacuation Plans.

Though in major businesses it is found that these two items (fire protection and emergency plan) are run either parallely or independently, but they have to go together. A very simple example is: We believe following order is not correct way of doing things.

  • Evacuation diagram is developed (all relevant equipment marked) and displayed on the relevant locations
  • Fire company walks in and suggests changes to fire equipment, especially types and location of fire extinguisher.
  • Owner changes as per the suggestions from the fire company and makes the building compliant but the evacuation diagram

What should have been the correct way of doing it? Does it make life lot easier to combine these two services with someone who has knowledge of both services? Lack of knowledge and understanding and lack of professional advice causes lot of unnecessary expenses We have been making effort to minimize the unnecessary expenses for our client and add value to our service. We strongly believe in the saying “A stitch in time, saves nine”

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