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SPS Engineers Pty Ltd has been in the field of fire safety and emergency for a long time with a view to provide service to fire and safety along with preparedness for fire emergency and evacuation. When fire occurs, it not only damages the property but also jeopardizes the potential business in the process of recovery. With few precautions, our lives will be much more easier and hassle free. We, as a team can be prepared by drilling and training our staffs, inspection and installation of the fire equipment needed, testing the smoke alarms and fire doors timely to be ready at the time of emergency. It is essential that every business or the owner must have a fire safety plan including Fire Evacuation diagram in place so that at the time of emergency, all the people in the building can exit the building towards the assembly area safely and smoothly.

People notice EXIT signs all over the building and most of them have only seen them at the work place when it is bright, and the lights are fully illuminated. But they may have no idea about what it would be like if the mains failed and emergency lights didn’t work or to make it worse if it is a fire emergency, if smoke starts collecting in the ceiling and you have very little time to make decision on what to do?

Someone in that sort of situation may try to recollect all the complicated jargons of fire and emergency training they had attended in the past, but will it work? It may, if the person can make the right choice. Does this mean that a simply laid out emergency plan and procedure is the best practice? How many things can someone remember to do in fire and other emergency as a normal person.


Emergency evacuation plans and procedure

Building or Business owner has obligation to establish fire emergency procedure manual in the work place for their employees or people working in the premises. According to Work, Health and Safety Legislation, it is a fineable offence not to have one in place. SPS Engineers Pty Ltd can provide to you customized or non customized emergency procedure manuals along with  Evacuation Plans to fulfill your legislative requirement. Depending upon the size of the company and operation of business, evacuation plan should be designed and placed accordingly. At reasonable prices, we’ve been able to reach vast number of customers and helped people in need.

We design and provide a simple and easily readable evacuation plans for your buildings. Emergency Planning Committee will need to be formed at your work place. After assessing the nature and purpose of the workplace fire alarms, fire equipment, exit signs and emergency lights are advised. Emergency Procedure Manuals that strictly adhere to the most commonly adapted standard (Australian Standard AS3745 -2010) will be provided. This will help the building/business owners/managers achieve and fulfill legal responsibilities and duty of care. Emergency evacuation diagrams are placed throughout the building showing the locations of emergency exits, evacuation routes and emergency assembly area.

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