Evacuation Plan
Notifying emergency services
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Evacuation Procedure
An effective response
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Competent Fire Safety Practitioner

If you do follow football, you are well and truly aware about the glory days of Brazil, as a flamboyant footballing side. The thing with Brazil is with the standards they have set over the years, everyone expects them to win every game they play. Everyone in Brazil has football running through their veins and certainly down from grassroots...
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How to plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations

Anybody you ask would be excited about the coming weekend. We as humans always seek luxury. No matter how hard you have had to work, a refreshing sleep on a Sunday morning or a weekender party just about lifts up your spirits. The monotonous cycle back to work continues after you have actually spent your week’s allotted quota of...
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Things to do in case of Fire Emergency Evacuation

As we know that fire can occur at any place and any time. What will you do in case of fire emergencies?? Here are some basic fundamentals that can be done in case of fire emergencies. Look for emergency exit  First of all if you are in a building that caught fire, do not panic just be alert and start looking for emergency...
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Having a suitable fire evacuation plan in Sydney is not only going to provide you peace of mind, but it’s also a mandatory and vital piece of safety equipment.

Shareholders and controlling officers must recognise both the necessity and legality of fire evacuation planning in Sydney. This process is mandatory, with strict regulations issued by Occupational Health Services...

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