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Competent Fire Safety Practitioner

If you do follow football, you are well and truly aware about the glory days of Brazil, as a flamboyant footballing side. The thing with Brazil is with the standards they have set over the years, everyone expects them to win every game they play. Everyone in Brazil has football running through their veins and certainly down from grassroots to politics seems to be affected by their footballing achievements. This scenario poses another insight at the sense of competitiveness as well. To be precise, as a Brazilian everybody expects you to play good football, but good enough for others doesn’t make up for the national team. You would have to be extraordinary to actually make a case for yourself in the Brazilian National Football Club.

Considering the whole of the discussion from a broader perspective, we as humans have always been obsessed of either being or having the best. Somehow good enough doesn’t seem to satisfy our need of excellence. This is a positive trait depending on how it has helped the humankind to make developments leaps and bounds. The same sorts of thoughts should be made as far as fire safety of you and your family is concerned. Definitely no one would want a fire disaster but they are actually more common than anyone would want them to be. Therefore having all your bases covered against fire hazards would be only rational to protect all your valued property and acquaintances. A wise way in doing so would be take up the services of a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner.

It is pleasing to realize that the topic of fire safety has been taken more seriously now as of never before and fire safety practitioner is a relatively newer aspect of the same. As of October 2017, the NSW has put up new fire safety regulations require all fire safety assessments and designs to be carried out or certified by a competent fire safety practitioner. In general, the authorized practitioner assesses a building’s necessary fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, fire doors, smoke alarms, fire indication panels, fire hydrants, hose reels, sprinkler system, fire detection and alarm system, etc. and inspect these for fire system compliance breaches before the owner can issue a Annual Fire Safety Statement. As of now, the NSW Government is in process to develop a framework that would accredit competent fire safety practitioners. Until then, the building owners who intend to issue fire safety statements are responsible to choose an appropriate personnel to undertake fire safety assessments and inspections.

An efficient fire safety practitioner would require to perform the following tasks:

  • Assess the essential fire safety measures:

Essential measures are listed in any fire safety schedule. The standards that need to put up by the measures are also set out in the schedule itself, with proper reference to the design and installation of the measure. A competent fire safety practitioner would have sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to check these specific forms of measures to be performing in the level of recognized standard.

  • Inspect the building for exit system compliance breaches:

The exit system compliance breaches can be characterized by not putting up of fire safety notice, obstructed paths of emergency exits, faulty door mechanisms, etc. Thus a proper practitioner would rectify all of these faulting in the property’s designs and should make necessary tweaks regarding the same.

  • Fire safety alternative solution checks:

Some buildings might have the provision of one or more fire safety ‘alternative solutions’; for instance, a proper exit door could be already existing in the front end of the building, but still the building incorporates a rear exit-door as an alternate exit. If this is the case, then a practitioner would require to assess whether these alternate fire safety measures can perform to the expected standard. Depending on the nature and extent of the alternative solution, different forms of resolution would be necessary.

To determine a fire safety practitioner’s competence, it is considered that whether or not the person has sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to perform these tasks. All competent fire safety practitioners need to provide adequate documentation or evidence to prove they have the following:

  • Sufficient technical knowledge related to the tasks mentioned above
  • Knowledge of relevant codes and standards
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and statutory responsibilities
  • Skills to perform the specific tasks
  • Experience directly relevant to the specific tasks
  • Professional insurance against any damage/loss

Having had the knowledge of tasks to be performed by a safety practitioner with the need of proper competence, your worry of actually having the services of a competent fire safety practitioner is resolved here at SPS Fire and Safety. We possess sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to assess the specific inspections. We do the routine inspection of fire extinguishers, hose reels, sprinkler system, drencher system, occupants warning system, fire detection and alarm system,  etc. and report you with suggestions if needed. We prepare Annual Fire Safety statement on request.

The BCA sets the standards to which the safety systems have to be designed, constructed and installed. Different expertise is required in a design to comply with the BCA for each type of system. We have sufficient technical knowledge to deal with the specific standards set by the BCA. We do have the knowledge of relevant codes and standards. How can you help us? By providing us with construction plans and drawings, our qualified team visits the site and plans the equipment needed as per the site. With our knowledge and experience, an evacuation diagram is made with all the relative equipment provided to comply with the BCA.

Contact us today if you have any question regarding emergency fire procedures; call us today at 1800 799 147. You may also email us at sps@spsservices.com.au