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Things to do in case of Fire Emergency Evacuation

As we know that fire can occur at any place and any time.

What will you do in case of fire emergencies??

Here are some basic fundamentals that can be done in case of fire emergencies.

Look for emergency exit 

First of all if you are in a building that caught fire, do not panic just be alert and start looking for emergency fire exit. You can also follow the exit lights and signs. also check the evacuation diagram.

Look for fire extinguishers

Nowadays almost every building and houses have fire safety equipment. Carry a fire extinguisher (preferably multipurpose type) and move towards fire exit sign.

Stay low and alert

If the escape is through smoke, crawl low as the air is much cleaner at lower levels. Cover your head and keep moving.

Stop, drop and roll if your clothes catch fire.

Never run if your clothes catch fire. Immediately stop drop on the ground or floor safely and roll. Rolling will stop the flames, then call for help.

Stay close to fire sprinkler system

Automatic fire sprinkler system helps to control and extinguish fire in less time. Stay under it if no exit is possible until the rescue team to arrive.

Check for fire doors and windows

Fire exit is easy if the door and windows are fire proof. Be careful while opening doors and windows in case of fire emergencies. Also close the door as you go but do not lock them.

Try to stay out of smoke

As the fire dries out the oxygen of the room and fill it with poisonous gas. Inhaling smoke may kill you in less time, so try to get to smoke free area or stay low and wait for rescue team.

Never use lift to evacuate the building

You might get trapped in the lift. Always use staircase in order to evacuate during fire emergencies.