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Emergency Fire Evacuation Plan

Emergency Evacuation Plan is compulsory by law  

All the building owners and business owners must have a fire safety plan that includes a proper Emergency Fire Evacuation Plan that leads all the people inside the building towards the assembly area as quickly as possible.

Emergency  Evacuation Plan has proven to be a lifesaver at the time of urgency.  SPS Engineers Pty Ltd is ready to help you do your  Emergency fire evacuation plans (evacuation diagram) at competitive price in guaranteed delivery in time.  

We even cater for urgent orders. Along with other Fire Protection Service, we specialize in Emergency Fire Evacuation Plans.

Even the most perfect plan is useless unless the people in the building are knowledgeable about it.

We also conduct the training and evacuation drills on request. In major businesses, it is found that Fire Protection and Emergency plan goes either parallelly or independently, but they have to go together.

Does it make life a lot easier to combine these two services with someone who has knowledge of both services?  Yes, it definitely does. Lack of knowledge and lack of professional advice causes a lot of unnecessary expenses.

We have been making effort to minimize the unnecessary expenses for our client and add value to our service. We strongly believe in the saying “A stitch in time, saves nine”

In SPS Engineers Pty Ltd, we develop fire Evacuation diagrams with all relevant equipment and evacuation routes marked towards assembly area. These plans are finally printed and displayed in the relevant locations.

Fire Evacuation diagram and Procedures are designed and customized for your workplace or residence in a clear and easy to understand format at the time of emergency. Under one umbrella, we offer

  • Accurate budgeting for all your fire safety needs
  • Provide fire safety training
  • Inspection, supply and installation of fire equipment (Fire Extinguishers/ Hose reels/ Fire Hydrants/ Emergency lights/ Fire Doors/ Fire Sprinklers/ Fire Detection and smoke alarms/ Annual Fire Safety Statement)
  • Supply new fixtures and batteries for emergency/exit lights
  • Provide thorough testing and inspection of sprinklers, and provide detailed reporting for your records.
  • Provide regular scheduled services and maintenance on all fire protection systems according to the requirements of the Australian Standard.
  • Provide Hydrant block plans.
  • Provide FIP Zone block plans.

So if you are searching for a company that offers fire safety services, we are the one. Most of our work comes from referrals, due to our experience and reputation in designing and installing fire evacuation diagrams in both residential homes and commercial buildings.

It is compulsory by law to have evacuation diagrams at relevant places. We work together with our clients to create well-equipped and easily readable diagrams so that it allows the residents and the building users to exit the building safely at the time of emergency.


emergency evacuation plan sydney
A example of emergency evacuation plan diagram.
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