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Evacuation Procedure


According to Work, Health and Safety Legislation, it is a fineable offence not to have one in place. SPS Engineers Pty Ltd can provide to you customized or non-customized fire emergency procedure manuals along with Fire Evacuation Plans to fulfill your legislative requirement. As fire can have a devastating effect on the welfare of our property and business that cause significant cost and lengthy time for repairs and reconstruction. So in order to minimize the tension and turmoil, we work hand in hand to ensure your safety in compliance with legislation and standard required. At reasonable prices, we’ve been able to reach vast number of customers and helped people in need.

All the members of the premises should be familiar with the recommended evacuation procedures. This includes learning where exits and assembly area are located during the time of emergency. Fire Emergency Procedure Manuals that strictly adheres to the most commonly adapted standard (Australian Standard AS3745 -2010) will be provided. This will help the building/business owners/managers achieve and fulfill legal responsibilities and duty of care. We also provide:



  • Whenever the fire alarm rings, never ignore it.
  • Act in accordance with directions given by emergency control personnel and evacuate the building immediately.
  • Assist with the general evacuation if directed to do so by emergency control personnel.
  • In a fire, do not use a lift to evacuate a building.
  • Close the doors as you go-DO NOT LOCK THEM. In a fire situation closed doors provide you with protection and time to exit safely.
  • Stay low if confronted with smoke. Check closed doors for heat before opening.
  • Move calmly to the nominated evacuation assembly area and do not leave until the all clear.
  • Follow the instructions of relevant emergency services personnel or manual.
  • Assist disabled workers and visitors present in the site.


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